"Eliminate spiders and other Buy Spider Traps crawling pests safely and effectively, without the risks of harmful chemical sprays"

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hobo_spider_cartoon.jpgI hope you find the information you need to send  those pesky spiders and bugs packing.  One of our 2011 company goals is to create an effective  and interactive website.  Please feel free to email us any comments or suggestions to info@hobotraps.com

Important things to Consider for this time of year-

NORTHWEST CUSTOMERS-Watch for Hobo Spiders moving indoors between July and Sept depending upon the weather conditions.  It has been cooler than usual, it would not surprise me to see these dates pushed back a little.

SOUTHWEST CUSTOMERS-Cockroaches are in full swing, inside and out of homes.  Cockraoches are disgusting critters that carry diseases and need to be controlled.  Our Spider Elimination Kits are very effective however, if you have a large infestation you may need to consider a spray program until they are under control.

We have talked to several people who have found scorpians in their homes, even though they have a pest control spray program.  Scorpions are very resistant to pesticides due to their hard skeleton. Try our Spider Elimintion Kits on them.  Check out our blog for pictures from a customer in Texas.

Please feel free to send us pictures of whatever pesky critters you catch,  and we will post them on our blog.  If you are live in an area that is not listed and want to add warnings or prevention tips for others in your area,  or want to add something to this section for whatever reason.  Please email us at info@hobotraps.com

Our Spider Elimination Kit

Spider Elimination Kit Package

The trap kit contains no pesticides and are nontoxic. However, keep out of the reach of children and pets to avoid them becoming in contact with the nontoxic, very sticky, glue. The glue is water soluble. Use warm water to remove the glue from children, pets, carpet, or other materials. Vegetable oil can be used to more quickly remove the trap from a child or a pet.

Our traps contain a specially formulated pheromone which is different from other traps on the market.  This pheromone is non-toxic and will attract all types of spiders and insects.

Control Measures

Spiders are best controlled by using the Spider Elimination Kits inside to catch spiders on the move. The traps should be placed near the baseboard, near entrances to rooms product_demo_lg.jpg. The traps should mostly be placed on the lower floors of the home. They should be folded into a triangle and placed under furniture if children or pets are present.

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