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Hobo traps help you eliminate spiders and other crawling pests safely and effectively, without the risks of harmful chemical sprays. Just fold, place, and walk away.

How it works

Our spider elimination kits are formulated with a special pharamone that attracts spiders to glue at the base of the trap. While care should be taken where pets and children are present, all of our traps are toxin and pesticide free, water soluable, and can be removed from skin with warm water or vegitable oil.

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Cure what bugs you

Our traps are designed to lure and captures Hobo, Brown Recluse, Yellow Sac and Black Widow spiders. Many customers have told us, however, that our traps have also shown to be effective against other kinds of pests, from cockroaches to scropians, even snakes. If you have a hard-to-catch critter, give it a try.

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