Spider Traps

Our spider traps contain a specially formulated pheromone which is different from other traps on the market. This pheromone is non-toxic and will attract all types of spiders and insects. The glue used on the traps is strong enough to hold critters fast, but is also water-soluble for safety. If contact with the skin does occur use warm water or vegitable oil to remove it.

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How it works


Your hobo trap kits will arrive at your door flat. Simply remove the traps from their packaging and fold along the scored lines, interlocking the pre-cut tabs to form the triangular shape. In seconds, the trap is ready to use.


Once assembled, place traps throughout the desired room or rooms. Spiders are best controlled by using the elimination kits inside to catch spiders on the move. The traps should be placed along the baseboard near entrances to rooms. Place under furnature if children or pets are present. The traps should mostly be placed on the lower floors of the home.


Our specially formulated pharamones will go to work attracting spiders and insicts to the traps. Once inside the glue on the base of the trap captures the critter and renders it immobile. Check the traps periodically. Once the trap is full, simply throw it away and replace it with another.

Stop spiders in their tracks.

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